• Exclusive Assets and Free Updates for Lifetime

    • Exclusive Features

      Animation & Video

      Fast, as never before

      Create engaging animations for your design work.

      Rendering high quality video can be easy and as fast as seconds per frame.

      High Quality 3D Assets

      Complete the story context

      Plantation models, people characters & high-res scanned materials accelerate the design workflow. D5 proudly joins forces with creative studios worldwide and brings you high quality 2D & 3D content.

    • Free Updates for Lifetime

    • Full Product Features



      color adjustment

      Tone Mapping

      Volumetric Lighting

      White Mode

      Scene editor

      3D & Walk View

      Model Placement

      PBR-based Material Editing

      Scene Management

      Model File Syncing


      Two-point Perspective

      Field of View

      Camera Clipping Plane

      Auto Exposure

      Depth of Field


      Keyframe Animation



      3D Model

      SketchUp® (.SKP)

      Autodesk® (.FBX)

      D5 Render model® (.D5A)


      Image Resolution Up-to 8K

      Video (PRO/EDU ONLY)

      Video Resolution Up-to 2K

      Output Channel

      Ambient Occlusion

      Material ID







      Material Library

      Ceramic, Fabric, Glass, Plastic, Marble, Paint, Metal, Leather, Tiles, Wood, Wallpaper, Water, Grass, Rock and Other Scanned Materials

      LUT Library

      Desert, Modern, DayNight, Vibrance, Desaturate

      Model Library (PRO ONLY)

      Plants and Trees

      Transport Models

      People Characters

      HDRI Skies

      8 Built in HDRIs


      Custom Library

      Manage Your Models, Materials

    • Development Roadmap

      New feature is coming, D5 have you all covered.

      Sky Atmosphere & Landscape System




      Anisotropic Metal


      Round Corner

      Virtual Reality







      Spline Path and Keyframe Animation


      Glass Shadow


      Mega Lights


    • FAQ

      Common Questions

      May I use pro account on another PC?

      Sure, you can log off the pro account on your original PC, and log in it on the new one. Easy peasy!

      How do I get an invoice?

      You will receive an email containing receipt and relevant supporting documents after purchase.

      I’ve made the payment, but no receipt is received.

      Please send us an email to support@d5techs.com. Please note that the email must be sent from your registered email address for ownership verification.

      I am a student/teacher, do I enjoy special education offer?

      D5 Render full verision is free for students & teachers except for exclusive assets. We will open dedicate channel to apply within a month.

      If I have an account of D5 Render forum, may I use it to login D5 Render?

      Currently the account of D5 Render forum could not be used to login D5 Render.

    • Support Matters

      Contact Customer Support​

      pro account holder's premium support from our team.

      Email address



      Support hours

      Weekdays 9am-5pm UTC+8​

      D5 Render [D5 Passport] Purchase Agreement
      Dear D5 Render User, you can enjoy the following VIP privileges by paying 480 USD:
      1. Permanent Right to use D5 Render, including Animation video rendering and high-quality library
      2. Customer service priority
      Completion of your purchase and payment indicates that you fully accept and undertake to comply with the whole contents of the terms of the “D5" Service Agreement, Privacy Policy, etc. contained on this website.